Ah the elusive wide mix. Everybody out there is trying to achieve a mix that just jumps out at you through the speakers. And although I’ll admit that I’m still trying to master this technique, I’ve come a long way since I opened up my recording studio in Dallas over 10 years ago. Today I’ll be showing you how to get a wider mix on the stereo bus using Ozone 8. However, this technique works with any multiband stereo imager.

My dallas recording studio used to have hardware summing amps and outboard gear dedicated to help make my mixes sound wider. Thanks to kickass advances in plugin technology I do almost everything in the box!

how to get a wider mix

Before you use any stereo imaging or chorus/delay plugins to widen your tracks, make smart use of panning. It goes without saying that the more elements panned hard left and right, the wider your mix will sound. Typical techniques could be: panning double tracked guitars hard left and right, or panning rhythm guitars hard right with keys panned hard left. Similarly, I like to send all percussion to a bus and use chorus, microshifting, or stereo delay plugins to make them sound very wide. My favorite plugins for this include Matthew Lane DRms, Soundtoys Microshift, or Logic’s stock Chorus or Sample delay plugins. I’ll be doing reviews on these plugins at some point in the future.

Finally, once your mix sounds tight and you’re ready to master, simply slap on an instance of Ozone 8 and widen the mix frequency band using the imager module. See picture below.

how to get a wide mix

The mid range band will change depending on the song. However, it’s usually somewhere from 500hz to 2khz. I can’t say this was my own discovery. One of my mixing idols Jaycen Joshua tells us how to get a wide mix on an episode of Pensado’s Place. You can check out the video interview here.

But talk is cheap. So Check out the 2 audio samples below. The first sample (Sample A) is the song without widening whereas Sample B has the mids widened.

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