Mixing and taming your bass is one of the most difficult things to get right. You need amazing acoustics and room treatment and a great ear to make it sit well in the mix. If your bass is too thick and boomy it will overpower your mix and weigh it down; conversely, if the bass is too thin, your mix will sound weak and not have the impact and power  it needs. A big part of controlling the low end lies in using proper EQ and compression to tame all the dynamics range bass creates. Furthermore, re-amping is a great way to turn a decent bass tone into an amazing one! Today I’ll show you how to mix a clean and punchy bass tone using EQ, compression, and re-amping with Amplitube 4. See the video below or continue reading.

how to mix a clean and punchy bass tone:

tame dynamics with compression

Firstly, I tamed the bass’ dynamics range with compression using UAD 1176LN REV E. I set my attack time pretty slow to keep the punchiness while still taming transients a little bit and set my release time to the fastest. With a ratio of 4, I was getting around -7 db of gain reduction on the peaks. See screenshot below:

Mix a clean and punchy bass tone

re-amp using amplitube 4

Secondly, after testing out a number of reamping plugins, my favorite would hands down have to be Amplitube 4 SVT VR Amp. It sounds almost identical to the real thing. After a lot of tweaking, I chose to boost my low end using the mid boost and cut the bass. As a result, the bass came out really punchy. See screen shot below:

Mix a clean and punchy bass tone

tone shaping with eq and dynamic eq

Thirdly, I tamed certain frequencies using Waves F6 dynamic EQ. The bass was a little muddy and boomy, and dynamic EQ is a great way to make surgical tone shaping changes without altering the sound too much. I then added regular EQ using Fabfilter Pro Q2 to carve out even more low and low midrange. I also boosted around 1k to give the bass some more bite, which would help it sound better on smaller speakers. See screenshots:

mix a clean and punchy bass tone

mix a clean and punchy bass tone

multiband compression

Finally, to mix a clean and punchy bass tone, I used Fabfilter Pro MB Multiband Compressor to even out the sub and bass frequencies. I heavily compressed the sub bass and turned it up about 5db as I was lacking very low end. I also compressed and tamed the low end at 150hz with about -4db of gain reduction. See screenshot:

mix a clean and punchy bass tone

And there you have it! Here’s the unprocessed and processed bass side by side:

So I hope you enjoy this tutorial and put it to good use to mix a clean and punchy bass tone. Above all, just keep producing!

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