In the in the modern and EDM music world, sidechaining elements to your kick is necessary to get that pumping feeling and to make room for the kick. Most people sidechain instruments and vocals, but today I’m going to show you how to sidechain reverb to kick with Nicky Romero Kickstart plugin. We’ll be sidechaining the vocal reverb, and as a result, it will really make your track pump!

save time with  a sidechain plugin

sidechain kick to reverb with nicky romero kickstart
Nicky Romero Kickstart Plugin

Manually sidechaining elements to your kick via buses is the tried and true tested way of making you kick stand out and really make your track pump. However, the process can take some time and be tedious. Enter Nicky Romero Kickstart. If your kick is doing a continuous quarter note rhythm (or other continuous rhythm), then this plugin can save you some valuable time. So simply load up an instance of the plugin, choose your sidechain/pumping type and you’re good to go! The ‘mix’ knob lets you dial the the amount of pumping you want, from an agressive 100% all the way down to nothing.

Sidechain Reverb to Kick With Nicky Romero Kickstart

A little trick I love to do is add this plugin on my reverb bus after the reverb. First of all, it really keeps the reverb from getting too washy, no matter how wet you seem to make it. It’s especially effective on leads and vocals. For example, check out the vocal sample below. SAMPLE A is the vocal soloed with reverb only and SAMPLE B is the vocal soloed with reverb and Kickstart.

Now using this trick is a matter of personal preference. Some may like to have the reverb not pump, but in the world of EDM, the kick is king so I like to make room for it whenever I can.

So now let’s listen to the effect in the context of the song. SAMPLE C is the song with vocal reverb only, and SAMPLE D is the song with vocal reverb and Kickstart.

So I hope you enjoy this little trick and put it to good use! Above all, just keep producing and mixing!

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