vocal eq trick using pultec eq

There’s a million ways to process vocals with various signal chain combinations. Regardless of your chain though, most vocals with always need EQ. Today I’m going to show you a vocal EQ trick using a Pultec EQ plugin (I’m using Softube’s Tube Tech PE1C).

low frequency rolloff

The rolloff frequencies on Pultec’s high and low pass filters are very smooth. So they rolloff more like a shelf and have a very broad slope. On vocals I love to attenuate (cut) a fair amount of the low frequency at 20hz. You might think 20hz is way too low to be audible, but the slope of the shelf on the plugin is very broad.

On the screen shot below, I attenuated the 20hz frequency to 4. This gets rid of a lot of the low and unnecessary sub and boomy frequencies and make the vocal pop more.

vocal eq trick

High frequency boost

After all my processing, and after I de-ess and multiband compress the vocals, the high end (8k and up) becomes slightly dull. So this when I add another instance of the Pultec plugin, but this time, I boost the 10khz shelf.

On the screen shot below, I boosted the 12khz frequency to 6. As a result, it brings a very pleasant and bright sheen without sounding too shrill or thin. Sometimes, depending on the vocal, I will boost the 10k frequency instead.

vocal eq trick

Take a listen to the processed vocal with and without the Pultec EQ:

I hope you enjoy this vocal EQ trick and put it to good use! Above all, just keep mixing!

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